Mise à jour de GoodCorporation sur la Covid-19

Mise à jour de GoodCorporation sur la Covid-19

Review of the BBC’s child protection and safeguarding procedures

When reviewing an organisation’s child protection and safeguarding procedures, GoodCorporation works alongside child protection expert Moira Murray. Moira has over 30 years experience in safeguarding and child protection.  She was Head of Safeguarding at the Children’s Society from 2005-2009, was Secretary of State to the Board of the Independent Safeguarding Authority and was Safeguarding Manager for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2012.

GoodCorporation worked with Moira for the high-profile review of the BBC’s existing child protection and safeguarding procedures, which was submitted, to the Dame Janet Smith Review.

Following the GoodCorporation methodology, a tailor-made framework was developed that identified expected best practice. The GoodCorporation team reviewed documents and conducted face-to-face interviews with a cross-section of stakeholders to evaluate performance against best practice, awarding a grade for each framework point.

A detailed report was presented to the management team containing a list of recommended actions that have now been implemented.

GoodCorporation are impressive people, they made 53 recommendations, 51 have been accepted, one we are still working on and one we have found a better way of doing. These people are experts; these are not people who will not speak the truth … because they have done.

Lord Tony Hall

Director general of the BBC

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