Mise à jour de GoodCorporation sur la Covid-19

Mise à jour de GoodCorporation sur la Covid-19

Études de cas

L'établissement de bonnes pratiques et de programmes de conformité pouvant être mis en œuvre à l'échelle mondiale est un défi. Comment traduire des principes de haut niveau en instructions spécifiques qui s'appliquent de la même manière à Marseille et en Azerbaïdjan ?

Ateliers d’analyse des risques de corruption

Mobile learning et management éthique

Conformité jeux d’argent

Combating Corruption: Webinar series

Human rights gap analysis in luxury goods sector

Child trafficking in sport: a case study on evaluating prevention procedures

Analyse des risques droits humains

Formation en présentiel et droits humains

Review of antitrust procedures for European manufacturer

We wanted to obtain a real measurement of company performance that went beyond financial and productivity data to provide a true picture of what a good company looks like. The GoodCorporation audit provided us with a clear and easy- to-understand assessment of our business as a whole giving Atlantic LNG a complete picture of our corporate obligations

Atlantic LNG

The GoodCorporation assessment is an excellent way for us to measure how we are doing and for the board to ensure that it is discharging its duties in terms of the operating and financial review in our Annual Report.


We were delighted to achieve accreditation for the work we had done in this area, which demonstrated to all our stakeholders just how seriously we take corporate responsibility.


GoodCorporation has provided us with a means of measuring and benchmarking our corporate responsibility performance based on stakeholder feedback that is accurate and commercially useful to the company.

British Land

GoodCorporation is a business partner that I can always rely on whenever I need guidance with compliance.

GoodCorporation client survey, 2018

GoodCorporation is a game-changer


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