Sports governance framework

GoodCorporation's Sports Governance Framework helps sports organisations ensure that they have strong governance policies and procedures in place that work in practice. It provides a set of 66 responsible management practices that can be used as a checklist to design, embed or evaluate governance procedures.

Areas covered by the framework

  • Governance: there is a governance structure in place with clear reporting lines, accountability systems together with written policies and a dedicated compliance function
  • Transparency: the organisation is committed to transparency in its activities, finances and reporting
  • Upholding integrity in sport: the organisation can demonstrate that it puts the integrity of the sport at the heart of all its activities
  • Events, media and sponsorship rights: there are controls in place to ensure that all events, media and sponsorship rights are managed ethically to prevent corruption or inappropriate influence
  • Requirements for member organisations: there are processes in place to ensure that member organisations meet the organisation's governance and ethical standards
  • Procurement: there are clear and transparent processes for the selection, management and renewal of all supplier and third party contracts
  • Government and regulatory affairs: Policies and procedures are in place to manage all relations with regulators and government officials
  • Monitoring and review: there are effective systems to monitor and review the governance framework with appropriate systems for reporting concern.

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